-Roma Association referent for CNA NAZIONALE – ITES “F. Galiani” di Napoli

40 young boys and girls from the last three classes of ITES “F.Galiani” of Napoli (Public High School of Ecomics, Trade and Tourism)-Via G.Don Bosco 6 Napoli

April 2018 –Dicember 2018 ( totally 7 months, with a summer break)


  • Didactic tutoring and support, in order to teach respect for compulsory school attendance and in order to reinforce generational bonds, social inclusion and learning capacities.
  • Promotion of activities, design and realization of intervention acts in order to prevent and fight poverty through the inclusive role of small and medium-sized businesses of CNA CAMPANIA NORD, in the area of Napoli.
  • Placement with partners that are successful in the tourism sector.

Project actions

1. Youth Centre at the GALIANI institution of Napoli 

  • Activities: listening and counseling, orientation and didactic tutoring, university and work orientation.
  • Addressees: all the students from ITES “F. Galiani”.
  • Days and opening hours (except for any changes or variations that will be quick communicated on the bulletin and on our FB page): Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9.00 to 12.30.

2. Testimonies of businessmen from CNA Campania Nord- headquarters of Napoli

  • Addressees: III and IV grades classes.
  • Meeting Calendar (twice a month) will be communicate monthly.
  • In the days before the meeting will be distributed to the addressees an informative form about the bussinessman and his company.

3. Tours at companies/craftshops of CNA Campania Nord:

  • These tours will be about the companies and bussinessmen mentioned above and will always be after the meetings.
  • The tours regarding April and March meetings will be mostly done in June 2018.

4. Cultural tours

  • Addressees: 20-people-groups from III and IV grade.
  • These tours will be done in business facilities (associations, companies etc) representing a social redemption and enhancement of the cultural and artistic heritage of Napoli.
  • Calendar will be published monthly.

5. Orientation to work courses and placement

  • Addressees: 20/25 inspired boys and girls, graduated from class of 2017/2018.
  • Courses will last 30h and will be done in the headquarter of the management body in September 2018.
  • Placement will be done starting from october 2018, at the partner corporations.

6. Training meetings for teachers and third-sector operators

  • Addressees: 15/10 participants, selected within ITES “F.Galiani” ’s teachers and within third-sector operators doing activities in the Public Economic School in Napoli.
  • Duration: Meetings will start in early april 2018 and will last 20h.
  • A certificate of attendance will be released at the end.

7. Paid working experience at Comicon 2019 (28 April-1 May)

  • Addressees: 20 students of ITES Galiani, under contract with APS AMICI DI PETERPAN

Managing authority: APS “AMICI DI PETERPAN”: This Association’s mission is supporting at-risk of social, school and family abandonment youngsters in Napoli, the youngest city of Italy, even through orientation activities and work-related education and training. Supporting is to be meant not as pure welfarism but as research and reinforcement of individual resources in an empowering perspective. It suggests the creation of new services for young people supporting them through tutoring, counselling and orientation actions. The Association has a strong background, built over the years, of activities for and with youngsters of Napoli and its Nothern district, through projects financed by the laws L.285/97 and 328/00 and is connected and with other third-sector Neapolitan Associations, and with School institutions, and with associative for-profit world (CNA- touristic and artisian companies- Mostra d’Oltremare- Acli). Its peculiarity is to present itself as an intermediate creating matching between them and the young recipients. Foundation year 2004

Coordinator : dott. ANTONIO DEL PRETE

Contacts: 340 269 48 11

Headquarter: VIA DEI TRIBUNALI 253- NAPOLI e Via G. Don Bosco 6- Napoli

Napoli 28th of March 2018