Encouraging a real youthful citizenship culture

The Association of Social Promotion “Amici di Peterpan” was founded in this legal form in 2004 under the law L. 383/2000 by a group of friends united by their passion for social work with kids and families, mostly with the most disadvantaged ones and at risk of social exclusion. It is legally registered at the Regional Social Promotion Association Register.

Our mission is to encourage a real and active youthful citizenship culture and be supportive to disadvantaged people or at risk of social exclusion. Our support is not intended as a form of mere welfarism, but as a research and a reinforcement of personal resources in an empowering perspective, suggesting also the creation of new services for young people, to contrast educational poverty.

Since 2004, AMICI DI PETERPAN aimes to give real answers to young people at risk of social exclusion by planning and managing targeted projects for them. We strongly believe in the youth as a resource and NOT as a problem, and that’s why we always involve it in all our projects and association activities.

Believing in the youth means, to us, giving them an opportunity to grow, to train, to work. It means BUILDING TOGETHER.

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