Addressing 5×1000

Addressing your 5×1000 from your tax return to Association “Amici di Peter Pan” is very easy. How to donate your 5×1000? You have two possibilities.

If you have to submit your tax return

If you have to file 730 Model or Unique:

  1. 1. Fill the form on your 730 Model or Unique
  2. 2. Sign in the square “Support to non-profit organization”
  3. 3. Fill the square with the Association’s Tax Code

AMICI DI PETERPAN: 94209860637

If you have not to submit your tax return

Even if you don’t have to fill your tax return you can donate to APS Amici di Peter Pan your 5×1000:

  1. 1. Fill the form provided with your CUD by your employer or your pension providing institution, signing in the square “Support to non-profit organization” and writing the Association’s Tax Code AMICI DI PETERPAN 94209860637
  2. 2. put the form in an envelope and close it
  3. 3. Write on the envelope “DESTINAZIONE CINQUE PER MILLE IRPEF” and also your surname, your name and your tax number.
  4. 4. Deliever it to a postal office (that will take it for free) or to an intermediary  qualified for the telematic transfer (CAF – government office for tax assistance and information, public accountants…)

Why should you choose to donate your 5×1000 AMICI DI PETERPAN?

Everybody can choose freely to whom donate their 5×1000.
In the past 15 years, Association AMICI DI PETERPAN supported, educated and rehabilitated kids, teens and adults at risk of social exclusion and educational poverty.
With its work the Association AMICI DI PETERPAN became a unique reality that offers to every YOUNGSTER user a personalized answer and more adequate tools to communicate with others, build emotional relationships and live, as much as possible, a decent and independent life.

Donate your 5×1000 from your tax return is a love gesture that costs nothing to you, but is priceless to us: in this way, we can still help many kids and teens in their family and in the society.

If you are wondering to whom address your 5×1000, choose ASSOCIATION AMICI DI PETERPAN.

Help us to build another 15 years of SUPPORT FOR YOUNG PEOPLE.

Since 2006, thanks to the resources collected with 5×1000, we could reduplicate our services and offer help to more and more young people. In more than 10 years, in fact, we increased the number of our operators, still maintaining an high-standard in the services offered.

But there are still more important projects to start, like “CURRE CURRE GUAGLIO’ “ and the research of an operational headquarter.

Everyone’s 5×1000 is fundamental to improve at-risk youth’s life.


Nothing, giving your 5×1000 doesn’t cost you nothing because it is a fraction of the taxes you owe the government. In order to donate 5×1000, all it takes is to fill in and sign the destination form.
INCOMES (ex UNICO) – no lather than 1 July 2019 for those who present the printed form; no lather than 30 September 2019 for those who send it electronically.
FORM 730 (precompiled) – no lather than 23 July 2019.
MODELLO 730 (regular) – no lather than 8 July 2018
If you want to donate your 5×1000 to APS Amici di PeterPan is very important to specify the fiscal code 94209860637. If you sign without specifying AMICI DI PETERPAN’s fiscal code, your sum will be distributed on a proportional basis according to the number of preferences received by the associations belonging to the same category.
Yes, because 5×1000 doesn’t replace 8×1000 or 2×1000. 8×1000 offers support to the State or to religious confessions and 2×1000 to political parties, while 5×1000 is destinated to specific purposes of social interest.