Antonio Del Prete
Antonio Del PretePresident
Social worker, graduated in Social Services Programming and Management. Since 1999, he works in the field of active policies for childhood and youth, coordinating services designed for problematic neighborhoods in Napoli and Caserta. As the President of AMICI DI PETERPAN, for 8 years, he managed and coordinated a host community for teenagers removed from their though backgrounds thanks to protective measures established by the Juvenile Court. Formed himself as a foundraiser in Forlì and then in Rome, since 2012 he handles the foundraising for small southern-italian non-profit organizations. Currently he is working on orientation and school-to-work transition projects in Napoli’s metropolitan area.
Claudia D’Uva
Claudia D’UvaCollaborator
Specialized social worker. She did her first experiences in the social field in high school working as a volunteer with Sant’Egidio Community in different activities, and with “La Mansarda” association for projects inside Secondigliano detention facility. Currenly she is partnering with APS “Amici di Peterpan” as an operator in different projects, like “Sogni e biSogni Giovanili” and “Giovani per I Giovani di Napoli” handling the activities of the Youth Centre opened by the association in the ITES “F.Galiani” institute, of orientation and placement.
Sabrina Notaro
Sabrina NotaroCollaborator
Specialized social worker, graduated in Social Services and Social Policies at University Federico II, she moved her first steps in the social field as a volunteer for Telefono Azzurro ONLUS within the project “Bambini e Carcere” in Secondigliano detention facility in 2012. Today, she is still a volunteer for the ONLUS. She is currently partnering with APS “Amici di Peterpan” as an operator in the Youth Centre “Sogni e biSogni” in the ITES “F.Galiani” institute and deals with listening,orientation and job placement for young student and newly high school graduated.
Salvatore Pirozzi
Salvatore PirozziOuter Collaborator
External consultant for education. Graduated in Modern Literature, he is a professor in literary field in secondary school, “Maestro di strada” and coordinator and designer in “Chance” in Napoli, he obtained a master in Humanities and New Technologies at University Federico II and a doctoral in Public Policies of Territory at the IUAV in Venice. For many years,he was coordinator and didactic referent in the Association Quartieri Spagnoli, dealing mostly with education in non-scholastic contexts and its documentary research. He was curator of different european projects. In years, he is interested in education, even abroad. He’s author of publication regarding the focuses of his work. He is also member of the Human Development and Capability Association.
Luca D’Alessio
Luca D’AlessioSocial media manager and videomaker
He’s 20 and he’s a young universitary student. He works with the association dealing with social media managing and videomaking. He strongly believes that young people can be a resource in which we can invest more and better. AMICI DI PETERPAN does it.
Salvatore Fonzo
Salvatore FonzoOuter collaborator
He is a businessman in the clothing field. After graduating in Statistics at University Federico II he strenghtened his skills in some of the best national and international business schools, analyzing digital evolution in companies.
Currently he is the president of Federmoda CNA Campania Nord and pushes for the internationalisation of small and medium-sized businesses producing Made in Naples sartorial excellence.
Marco Annunziata
Marco AnnunziataYoung Resource
He graduated at ITES “Ferdinando Galiani” and is now a student of Bussiness Economy at University Federico II. He is committed with the Association, which really believes in Neapolitan Youth, supporting it and giving it opportunities.
Tatiana Saponara Teutonico
Tatiana Saponara TeutonicoYoung Resource
21 years old, graduated in Administration,Finance and Marketing at the ITES “F.Galiani” in Napoli. She took part in the project “Sogni e biSogni giovanili” working with provincial Acli of Napoli as a CAF responsible. She was in National Civil Service for 12 months. Currently, she was selected for the Social Agricultural Tender in Garanzia Giovani. “Believing in the youth means to invest in our future, because our strong point is the faith in our dreams”.
Marika Romano
Marika RomanoYoung Resource
Graduated in Administration, Finance and Marketing at the ITES ”F.Galiani” in Napoli. She took part in the project “Sogni e biSogni giovanili”, and from December 2016 to April 2017 partnered with CNA in the charitable institution section, where she currently work2s.
“Believing in the youth means giving them a further possibility to build their future”.
Ludovica Caiafa
Ludovica CaiafaYoung Resource
She’s 22 and graduated in Economics at University Federico II in Napoli. She was beneficiary of the “Sogni e biSogni giovanili” project with a 300 hours stage at the CAN in Napoli. She likes reading, listening to music and hanging out with friends. She’s a very determined girl, who always works really hard. “For the future, mine and other young people’s, I hope in many work opportunities, but mostly in growing and learning opportunities”.
Alfonso Cerrato
Alfonso CerratoYoung Resource
19 years old, graduated in Enogastronomics at the “ISIS Elena di Savoia”. He took part in the “Giovani per i Giovani di Napoli” working in a stage at ABBAC. He is currently working in the National Civil Service and as an intern in the Reinaissance Hotel Mediterraneo.
“Believing in the youth means having the basis for tomorrow. AMICI DI PETERPAN believes in the Youth and I believe in them”.
Ilaria Petito
Ilaria PetitoYoung Collaborator
Graduated in Modern European Literature and Culture, she took part in the “Curre Curre Guagliò” project in June 2019. She had multiple work experiences in secretaryship management and educational tutoring. She’s 29 and living in Caserta.
Claudia Giustiniani
Claudia GiustinianiYoung Resource
22 and graduated in Touristic accounting at the ITES F.Galiani of Napoli. I joined the project “sogni e biSogni Giovanili”, thanks to it I had the opportunity to work with the hotel chain Neapolitan Trips for 3 months, and I did an internship in the Regus multinational and currently I’m working in the CNA of Napoli as a CAF clerk. I’m a proactive, dynamic and cheerful girl. We need to believe in the youth because it’s with the purity of their dreams that we can make changes.
Angelo Abate
Angelo AbateCollaborator