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1406, 2019

“Curre Curre Guagliò” Project 2019

14/06/2019|Categories: Current projects|

The project starring the YOUNG GENERATION starts from Napoli The project, financed by CNA IMPRESASENSIBILE ONLUS with 5x1000 founds, has CNA CAMPANIA NORD as a strategic partner (offices of Napoli-Caserta-Benevento), is aimed to more than 60 young people in educational, social and economic poverty and is focused to approach them to the small and medium-sized world. The selected people will do orientation, training and placement among CNA CAMPANIA NORD artisans, who are an expression of the productive world. The project started in may, and established a collaboration with different high-school institution in the 3 cities. CNA and CNA IMPRESASENSIBILE are showing again their major attention towards at-risk youngsters.   (In the picture above, some of the kids involved in the [...]

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