AMICI DI PETERPAN is an organization registered in the Italian tax authority (Agenzia delle Entrate) and has as its aim social solidarity, and is registered in the Campania Region Social Promotion Association’s Register with decree n.246 according to the law n. 383/00.

Donations made via bank tranfer, credit cards and prepaid cards, non- transferable bank drafts and bank cheques can benefit of tax benefits if sent to “ASSOCIAZIONE AMICI DI PETERPAN”.

It’s useful to remind that from the 1st of January 2018 free money donations in favour of our Association are:

For Natural persons

  • deductible from IRPEF in an amount of 30% of the given value, for a total amount not higher than 30.000 Euros in every tax period
  • Deductible from the total net income in a limit of 10% of the total declared income.

For Institutions and Companies

  • Deductible from the total net income in a limit of 10% of the total declared income.

Benefit Arrangement is not combinable with other similar tax reliefs provided on the same donations.

The donations, for tax benefits purposes, have to be done using exclusively one of the following paying systems: bank, postal office, other paying sistems established by the article. 23 d. lgs. 241/1997 (credit cards, bank cheques etc)

Cash donations don’t benefit of tax reliefs.

If you don’t know which solution is the best for you, ask your trusted advisor. Don’t forget to keep with you:

  • the receipt of payment, in case you donated via postal bulletin;
  • your count statement, if you donated via credit card;
  • your bank statement, if you donated via bank transfer;
  • a copy of the cheque and your count statement, in case you donated via bank cheque.


for more informations, you can send us a mail at the address:



Other ways to support us

We offer different ways to donate: via bank transfer, bank cheque or 5×1000.
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For your marriage, baptism, communion, graduation and every other occasion, choose our supportive wemen accessories realized by the Association’s partners.
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